Let's go for the **PC Demo Compo** of the #revision2021

Livetoot incoming in this thread.

Don't mind muting this thread if you're not into it.
Livestream url :

Secret stage boss - Gam0022 & Saddakey - #revision2021

Made in Unity this demo is really colorful and fast paced with some nice particle effects.

30 years abyss-connection - TMA & abyss connection ^trsi - #revision2021
It looks like a demo from 15 years ago with some modern effects applied.
A bit simple but it's a webgl one.

Pink to the past - Floppy - #revision2021
An old-school logo but a modern demo with hair simulation.
A bit hard to screenshot due to the fast camera motion.
The ending sounds a lot like the Stranger Things opening.

Million Sun - Hackers Media Industries - #revision2021
Some fluid simulation and lots of particles. (this one is made for me).
The story is written in terminal windows above the scene.
The music sounds a bit like some vangelis tunes.

Quite pleasant and calm.

Gardyloo - CN112 - #revision2021
Another demo in a web browser ! WebGL is definetly a trending platform now.
Quite hard to describe actually ^__^ I'm not a fan of this one but can't find the reason why.
Maybe a bit too simplistic even though the music is cool.

Astraalirapujen Yotanssi - Magnetismin Tietokonekerho - #revision2021
OMG the title and the group name were hard to spell…
A demo with a swedish (not sure) narrator.
Where meme meets demo.
It's … special.

Assembly 2021 Invitation - Wide load - #revision2021
Another demo in a web browser again !
High BPM music and some really nice segments in this purple demo.

Escapist island - Vacuum - #revision2021
A nice welcoming progress bar in this demo !
It starts with a BTTF wink mixed with a Money for nothing esthetic.
The soundtrack of this one is quite unexpected.
This invitation for the Underground conference 11 is quite something !

Dark matter - Futuris - #revision2021
Lots of small 3D particles in this one.
Very beautiful. I liked it a lot.
The lightnings around the fractalesque cube was nice.
Chromatic aberrations are very trendy and i admit that i really love this effect.

Visually my favorite so far.

Strings - Wake - #revision2021
A demo without any textures.
Very nice art-style. It reminds me Intrinsic gravity by Still.
It sounds a bit like harp (that match the title and visual style).
Those screenshots aren't good enough to understand this demo :-/

@lord yeah and the encoder didn't like when there was a lot of vectors/lines

Somos - Lia - #revision2021
A very grainy demo with cool visual effects and a mesmerizing soundtrack but very short.

Sable and Silver - 1Dek - #revision2021
A progress bar again ^__^
I rainy introduction followed by a desert landscape.
Slick transitions to different segments.
Then the music starts and epileptics die with all the light flashes.

Babylon - Cocoon - #revision2021
Hooo one from Cocoon one of my favorite group.
An industrial setting here with pink clouds.
Realistic human motions on an android.
It was very short like a trailer.

(do you know We Stand Divided ? One of my all time favorite demo)

Umbra - Bitbendaz - #revision2021
Very impressive shaders in this one.
Lots of particles, morphing models.
This one looks a lot like a cocoon inspired demo even the music is quite close.
I really loved this one !

Color - Ninjadev - #revision2021 Let’s start with a plasma of color. Then it plays with realistic light bounces. Really beautiful and the music goes well together with the high speed visuals. The encoder struggled here.

Arcade - Spectrals - #revision2021
An empty warehouse of the cancelled revision with only one arcade cabinet.
Let's dive into it !

Lots of videos from many arcade games (Thanks Cpt Obvious) sorted by years.
Really nice to watch even if it could be fun to be able to move yourself into this digital museum and play those games.
Many famous demos too.

There - Still - #revision2021
I usually love the art style of Still with great music and visually impressive things with a minimalistic design.
And guess what ? This demo is from still !
It's "simple", slow paced very relaxing.

One trick that i love is when you are watching a black thing on a white background slowly moving to a white thing on a black background.
And they did it again here.

This demo could be shown to newcomers to explain them that's art.

More - Mfx - #revision2021
This one is presented as an encoder-killer :-D

A fast paced demo with bright flash of lights.
Beautiful but i must admit that's a bit tiring.
The encoder seems to take its job seriously but the pc playing the demo struggled sometimes.

The music reminds me medium from einklang :

A new worlds awaits - Peisik & blink - #revision2021
A forest, some 3D fractals. Very well done.
I really loved the music in the second part.
And when you think it ends… it doesn't.

And that’s it for this PC demo compo.

I think i would choose Umbra from Bitbendaz which looked more like Cocoon demos than theirs.

I won’t bother you with my spam now ;-)